7 Adventurous Honeymoon Destinations for Active Couples

When couples plan their wedding, some forget to really think about their honeymoon. Couples take their honeymoon to destinations all over the world, and the cost varies greatly, too. Many couples look for places that offer them the perfect mix of lounging and activities they can do together. For couples who lead a particularly active lifestyle, it’s important to find a place that has lots of unique activities or sights you can see and explore together as you celebrate the beginning of your marriage. Here are some of the best adventurous honeymoon destinations for active couples!

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  1. Thailand. Thailand features a variety of locations that are perfect for the adventurous honeymooners. From the Golden Triangle to Bangkok, there are many locations you can choose in Thailand that will give you and your spouse a great, memorable experience. You’ll look back on your memories fondly, especially of the food and the views. It’s also a great place to do yoga, mainly because of the tranquil water and the country’s culture surrounding the practice. If you’re interested in Buddhist history, then Thailand is also a great place to visit. Make sure you stock up on enough quality workout accessories so you can stay on top of your exercise regimen while out on your honeymoon!
  2. Iceland. Iceland, while small, has a variety of places you can honeymoon with your spouse to experience adventure. View the Northern Lights, relax in some hot springs and visit all the lagoons and other rocky water formations. With such beautiful sights, you might not want to leave! And, for when you and your spouse want a fun night out, there are lots of restaurants and bars in Reykjavik you can enjoy. This Nordic island is steeped in history, culture and activities that you and your spouse are sure to love.

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  1. Rocky Mountains, USA. The Rocky Mountains are a great honeymoon destination. Spanning across about seven western states, there are plenty of cities within the U.S. that make for great honeymoon destinations for active couples. This is especially if you both enjoy rock climbing, which is the perfect activity for adventurous couples. From helicopter tours to mile-long hikes, there are tons of things you and your spouse can do in the Rockies. Whether you choose Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Denver or somewhere in remote Montana, you can find the perfect mix of relaxing and bustling. Many Rocky Mountain towns have bustling city centers you can find ample accommodations in, with just short drives past city limits to national parks or scenic areas. Depending on how much time you both take for your honeymoon, you could actually do a Rocky Mountain Road Trip!
  2. Peru. Peru is full of things to do! It makes for a great honeymoon destination for the adventurous, active couple. Machu Picchu is obviously the biggest attraction in Peru, but there are lots of other activities to do, too. The capital, Lima, has lots of buildings with beautiful architecture. There are plenty of “lost cities” built by ancient cultures you can explore with your spouse. And, in most of the Peruvian cities, there are amazing restaurants to indulge in after you burn all those calories hiking throughout the day. With so much to do, you might even have to schedule a return trip!
  3. Ireland. When most people think of Ireland, they think of the city of Dublin. But that’s just a small piece of the larger picture of the country of Ireland! With rolling hills and tall cliffs that jut out to the Atlantic, Ireland can be quite the paradise for an adventure-seeking couple. Of course, you and your forever love can wander the streets of Dublin one of the days of your honeymoon and get all those much needed steps in, but you can also visit some of the more remote areas on the island that are perfect for adventuring. There are lots of rivers and historic castles (or castle ruins) you can explore with your spouse. A word of caution — as with all international travel, remember to think smart and safe. While it might be tempting to bring your luxury, lavish diamond wedding ring with you on your trip, it can not only be a big safety concern, but if it happens to get lost during travel, then you’ll have lost an important memento and symbol of your love. Instead, bring a pair of alternative rings with you. Silicone wedding bands are perfect because they are simple, don’t attract thieves and will also withstand all the adventures you’ll do on your travels.

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  1. Why not spend your honeymoon down under? Australia has something for everyone. From swimming and other water sports to hiking and camping, you can find lots of activities to do in Australia. One of the best things about Australia is how intertwined regular lifestyle is with the wildlife there. At any given point, you can come across a kangaroo or koala, especially if you head outside the cities and into the vast wilderness. It’s a country with beautiful landscapes, and there’s so much to explore! You and your spouse will need to plan multiple anniversary trips to visit and enjoy everything that Australia has to offer.
  2. Bali. Another Southeast Asian country, Bali is home to some of the most beautiful sights known to man. Its tranquil environment is part of what makes it a major destination for celebrities and general populations alike. From beaches to mountains and even picturesque rice farms, Bali has a variety of places and activities couples of all adventure levels will love.

Honeymooning is a special time for couples. It’s the opportunity to celebrate your marriage and your future lives together. For adventurous couples who live very active lifestyles, finding the right honeymoon location can appear a challenge, but there are lots of places all over the world that are perfect for adventurous couples of all kinds.