A moissanite or Diamond engagement ring?

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Wonderful clarity, beautiful color and a vast choice of cuts and carat sizes, moissanite is quickly gaining popularity among the best choices to traditional diamonds, it truly is possible to possess the lavish engagement ring of your choice for a reasonable price point.

Here are just a few reasons for buying a moissanite engagement ring

  1. The ring you want whilst saving thousands of pounds on a diamond engagement ring

Moissanite Wedding Rings provide huge cost savings compared to an equal diamond engagement ring, so it truly is possible to opt for the ring of your dreams at a reasonable price point. We are pleased to provide our clients 1, 2 & 3 carat rings (and over!) , place in a selection of white, yellow or rose 18k gold or gold at a top D-F color in a fraction of the price of an equal diamond.

  1. Sustainable

Alexander Sparks are pleased to provide Charles and Colvard Forever One moissanite stones, C&C would be the world’s top moissanite manufacturer and all stones are produced under rigorous lab conditions from the Unites States. Our moissanite stones are renewable generated and minimise the negative environmental influences that occurs through conventional mining practices whilst improving employee, product and community security.

It requires around 3 weeks to get a skilled professional to thoroughly produce one stone, post production every stone undergoes a rigorous testing procedure for of grade, cut and diligence prior to being sent into our workshop. Charles and Colvard hire a certified institute of America gemmologist to scrutinize every completed gem working with a 10x jewellers loupe to guarantee no inclusions affect the optical performance of every jewel, any inclusions aren’t visible to the naked eye and don’t impact the clarity of every rock.

  1. Ethical

We adore Earth and here in Alexander Sparks we strive to make sure all of the goods we market are ethically sourced and no individual, creature, village or town was harmed during the creation of our goods. By picking a moissanite engagement ring you can guarantee not only do you get considerably more for you money, but you understand your ring is sourced from adherence to our stringent ethical principles.

Why Alexander Sparks?

We adore Moissanite Rings and if you decide on a moissanite or diamond engagement ring you can rest assured we will be here to help throughout the entire procedure. We think everybody should have the choice to buy the ring that they need at a reasonable price point, hastily and ethically sourced.

Alexander Sparks stock a huge array of Charles & Colvard Forever One moissanite stones in a variety of cuts, all which are equal to some colourless diamond score D to F, very similar to naturally occurring diamonds every gemstone is exactly faceted to precise proportions and angles to maximise its own brilliance. We inventory moissanite stones over 5 ct and can create custom designs. Our earrings are UK hallmarked.


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