an “Engagement Ring vs Wedding Ring”

This is what you need to know about the difference between an engagement ring vs wedding ring.

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Men’s Engagement Ring vs Wedding Ring

Some male engagement rings, on the other hand are more complex than plain metal bands. This channel set ring and this bevel setting are both masculine rings with diamonds. Some styles use a mixture of metals, or have an inlay color different from the outside color. This is similar to this brush-inlay ring.

Men’s Wedding Rings

Men’s wedding rings, also called “wedding bands”, can be as simple or elaborate as you like (similar to the styles of engagement rings). Personal preference is more important than any other factor in choosing a wedding band for men.

It is important to consider your lifestyle and favourite activities. It may be a better choice to buy a smooth, sleek band such as this white gold or this tantalum ring if he has a hobby or works in a repetitive manner. A channel set ring made of 14K gold or satin finish may suit someone who values more flair.

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  • What is the difference between engagement vs wedding?

They are both different. Engagement rings are given during a proposal. Wedding rings are exchanged at a wedding ceremony. Some engagement rings are more elaborate than others, with a gemstone or center diamond as an example. Simple wedding rings include a classic ring like this one, or one with smaller diamonds such as this wire basket ring.

What do you wear with your Wedding Ring vs Engagement Ring?

There are no set rules for engagement rings or wedding bands. Most people wear their wedding rings on the left-hand ring finger closest their heart. The engagement ring slides next to it (closest the knuckle).

The best way to wear an engagement ring before your wedding ceremony is to place it on your left-hand finger (the one next to your pinky). The band should be worn on the left-hand side of the ring finger, as per male wedding ring rules.

You have the option to wear your wedding rings on any finger that you like, or forego traditional wedding ring etiquette.

Are you Wearing your Together?

The majority of people wear their engagement vs wedding ring on the same hand. The wedding ring is closer to the heart. Others choose to wear only one or both of their rings.

An engagement ring is a sign that you are engaged. A wedding ring, however, signifies that you are already married.