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A fictional bone in the nose. This is the term used to describe when the nose touches the brain. It usually results from blunt force trauma to face. Rock you on the face and stab your brain with the tip of your nosebone. – Q.U. “Q.U. Hectic” by Mobb Deep (The Infamous 1995)


  • A person’s nose looks so big it almost seems like a boner
  • It seems like your nose is growing every minute.
  • “HOLY SHIT! That fat chick is getting a noseboner !!!!”
  • “Oh my gahwd, your right!”

“Dude, her nose looked normal at the beginning of class, but it has grown half a foot in the past six months,”

  • “Bro, just relax, we’ll be back in the next episode.”
  • “Oh, ok. I’m good now.”
  • by Estretoseten May 28, 2015
  • Use your nosebone to stab your brain

Okay, so it’s not a word but that doesn’t matter. This line is probably something you’ve heard at least 20 times if you listen to hip-hop. This line comes from Mobb Deep’s “Shook Ones”. This line is most likely more popular than any other in hip-hop.

“Rock you in your face, stab your brain with yer nosebone

  • These streets are yours alone, cousin
  • Every man for himself in dis lan’ we be gunin’
  • an keep dem shook crew runin….”
  • -Mobb Deep – “Shook Ones”.
  • Jarrod, April 5, 2005


  • You can’t just pharm the situation, but you must also boch it.
  • 1. I accidentally cut a Chuck while giving myself a haircut. It was really bad.
  • 2: No bro, u noseboned
  • by j skrilla January 05, 2014
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