We love “Rose Gold” wedding bands

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Rose gold has been a popular choice for wedding rings and engagement rings in the past few years. Rose gold’s pretty pinkish-gold color is both trendy and vintage, giving any ring a soft, romantic look you can’t get from platinum, yellow or white gold.

Jeweler Azra Meshdi says that rose gold’s is a symbol of true love. It’s a great choice for wedding or engagement rings.

Carl Faberge was the first known user of the metal, formerly called “Russian Gold” – he used it in his Faberge eggs in 1924. Mehdi says, “Rose Gold’s popularity fluctuated over the following decades, but had a major revival when Cartier created its famous Cartier Trinity Ring in 1924 for Jean Cocteau, a French writer, artist and filmmaker.”

You might be interested in a rose-gold wedding photography band. These 35 baubles are available right now.

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Bario Neal Custom Baguette & Champagne Diamond Band

This rose gold’s band has plenty of sparkle and three champagne diamonds, one baguette, and one princess-cut. It is made even more special by the dark champagne diamond.

Natalie Marie Classic Half Round Ring Rose Gold

Even the simplest Ring Finger can stand out in rose gold’s. This classic, curved ring is masculine but can be worn by both men and women.

Anna Sheffield Hammered Classic half-round band

A hammered half-round band such as this is a classic look with a twist. This simple ring has a subtle and delicate texture thanks to its delicately hammered rose-gold finish.

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Tiffany Soleste V ring Rose Gold

This narrow rose gold’s band can be worn with an engagement ring. It features simple lines and is made from rose gold’s. It has five small diamonds that give it a subtle sparkle but aren’t too overwhelming.

Mociun Abacus Band

The rose gold’s studs that run along the band are delicate and slim. They give it a unique content silhouette. Although the band is thinner, it still looks feminine.

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