Ten Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Bridal Consultation

Before you make an appointment, do some research.

Explore all your options. Make an inspiration board on Pinterest or Instagram to help you organize your ideas and help you understand your style. If you have to, take screenshots and bring them with you. Security reasons mean that we won’t accept any links to your inspiration boards. Find out the wedding Bridal Consultation codes applicable to your church and culture, and then share them with your consultant and bridal stylist.

Get an idea of the type of wedding you would like

Think about the kind of wedding you would like. Think with your eyes closed. Imagine yourself walking down the aisle, twirling the bouquet, celebrating with family and friends, and taking photos with your husband. What do you wear? What are some unusual but useful functions your dress should be capable of? You might consider a detachable that has pockets so you can keep your vows. What’s the ideal order of events? Simple? An extravaganza? It’s an extravaganza?

Keep a budget in your mind

This is crucial. You should have a budget for all your expenses, including your gown. You can set aside 10%-20% extra for your gown budget. This will help you avoid any financial problems when planning for your big day.

Make sure you have a specific schedule for your appointment

It can take up to four hours to share ideas for your custom design. Be patient. Focus on one appointment to avoid feeling overwhelmed while brainstorming ideas for your bridal gown. Call or call the day before to confirm your interest in the appointment. Weekdays are better for a more relaxed and controlled appointment. Weekends are often spent getting brides ready to go on their big day.

Online consultation

To help us prepare for your appointment, we have provided a consultation form on our booking page.

Make sure to book your appointment in advance

It is common to have a long line of orders. To avoid any last-minute changes or alterations, you want to be in line quickly. You may find it strange and unusual to show up unannounced for an appointment. For all inquiries, call ahead and make a Bridal Consultation booking well in advance (preferably as early as possible and well in advance of your wedding date).

Keep your mind open and don’t rule out anything.

You should be prepared for anything, but don’t rule out the possibility. You might be surprised at the silhouettes we create for you. We consult with our clients to find the perfect style for them.

  • An additional tip: Wedding gowns come in a variety of whites (Ivory and Champagne to name a few). To find the right shade for you, we test these shades.

If possible, get measured in person and request a fitting within one month of your wedding.

It is safer to sew in your actual size, even if you are trying to lose weight. It’s much easier to modify a larger dress to make it fit you than to change a smaller size to make it fit.

  • Additional tip:Don’t forget to wear your nude undergarments when you go to your fittings. SugarKane offers four different fittings. The first is to get your feedback and the second is to verify if you have changed in size. The third fitting is after your gown details are complete. And the final fitting is for when your ready to walk down to the aisle.

You can bring fewer people to your appointment.

It can be difficult to make decisions with more people than three. This will cause the process to become longer. To ensure a smooth process, we recommend that you bring your mother and a friend along to your consultation. If possible, bring along someone who understands your style and taste.

Do not be afraid to express your opinions

No matter what other people say, be true to yourself. Open-mindedness is a good thing, but you shouldn’t compromise your values or desires for your wedding day. Even if it seems too demanding, be open to hearing other people’s opinions. This is your day. It’s more reason to express your likes and dislikes if you are paying. There may be tension and anxiety when trying to find the right balance between your family’s needs and your desires. Let everyone who is helping you make decisions know that you will speak up and that you are open to compromises if necessary to achieve your goals. These situations are not unusual for people to make compromises.

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