The Best “Wedding Florists” Worldwide

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Although you might have secured one of the top photographers in the country and worked with one of the nation’s most talented planners, your ceremony, tablescapes and bouquets should all be thought-out and designed by a five-star florist designer. Perhaps the Wedding Florists designer will design your florals. Or, they might choose to use a name on this list. There is no one right way to create a dream team of vendors. Your planner can help you decide how to put together your team and who the key players are to bring your ideas to life.

For tips and advice on making your wedding memorable, we tapped the expertise our top florists. We also provided details on their process, look, vibe, and process so you can narrow down who to book. Here’s a short list of florists to consider for your next celebrations.

Ariel Dearie 

The look: Simple yet elegant. Our goal is to achieve a delicate balance between being organic, wild, and natural while still feeling classic and elegant.

The Approach: Every flower package is unique, so we only take on a small number of Wedding Florists each season with the goal to exceed expectations and provide our clients (and their friends) with an unforgettable experience.

Expert Advice: Choose a florist that shares your vision. My experience shows that our best work is achieved when we are trusted by clients to execute their vision.

Notable Wedding Florists: Marc Jacobs and Char DeFrancesco were my favorites this Spring. Marc is a huge fan of Cherry Blossoms so we had several 18-foot Cherry Blossom trees made. The Seagram Building was adorned with sculptured Cherry Blossom arrangements, including the hanging orbs.

Sarah Wedding Florists

The Look: I began designing flowers to create a portrait of my surroundings. I enjoy exploring new places and taking in the textures and colors. Then, I design florals that are an extension of this natural environment. After just one year of being in business, I began traveling to events. I continue to travel the world to create floral designs and teach floral design.

The Approach: I am heavily influenced by the season and the location. I meet with my clients at their venue and we talk about why they chose it and what they hope their guests feel. We then take inspiration from the environment to create what we believe is a reflection of us as a couple. While I’m based in Utah, I do most of my work from abroad. My team includes some of the best professionals from across the country.


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