These 5 Tips Will Make Your Wedding Cake Shopping Easier

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These 5 Tips Will Make Your Wedding Cake Shopping Easier

A wedding cake as glamorous and elegant as the one you want can be a dream come true for every bride. However, this wedding cake can be expensive.

Who says that you can’t have your dream wedding cake even if you have a tight budget? It doesn’t take a lot to make a wedding cake beautiful and delicious.

Some brides prefer their cake to look completely real. Others like to have a few fake layers and one real tier. You might be concerned about ordering a wedding cake, as it can be expensive and complicated. There are some ways you can save money if you do decide to get one.


You can speed up the process even before you meet with your baker by selecting a cake design. There are many choices available today, including naked cakes, fondant cakes and fondant cakes as well as stacked cakes and cake tables with multiple cakes. By narrowing down your options, your designer will be able to best suit your needs and present you with the options that meet your vision.


Tell your baker/designer what venue you have selected. Multiple cakes can be handled by different bakers at once. The availability of the venue can impact whether the baker is available to work on the project. This will also help you get a better quote. We can provide an estimate of the cost for delivery if we know where the cake is to be delivered. There are many options for pricing: some bakers will charge by distance, while others may charge by the complexity of the delivery. Some venues offer discounted delivery rates. You should also check with your venue to see if there is a cut fee. This will reduce the possibility of unexpected charges.


It will be easier to determine if you prefer sugar flowers or fresh flowers. Many bakers won’t supply fresh flowers or add them to the cake. Your florist should discuss the costs of additional flowers and whether they will add them to your cake. Fresh flowers are usually more affordable than sugar flowers. You should note that sugar flowers and real flowers are not usually included in the base price. Sugar flowers require talent and time. This will result in an additional cost. It’s important to note that just because the sugar art is edible, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s entirely edible. Many sugar flowers have non-edible support. The cake designer can give you a better quote if they have reference photos of the flowers that will work for your event. Sugar flowers add an average of $150-200+ to a cake. The type and quantity of sugar flowers will affect the price.


A budget will make it easier to plan. The cake designer will show you designs that fit within your budget. While many bakers price cakes by the number of cake servings, others price the cake with a starting price and adjust it according to additional details.

Monograms, intricate pipetting, sugar flowers and painted cakes are all possible ways to increase the cake’s complexity. The price of gourmet cakes can be higher. A budget will allow you to focus on the important aspects of your cake. You should also decide whether you will rent a cake stand, or place the cake directly on the table. Some venues provide free cake stands, while others offer them for a fee. However, many bakers charge a rental cost for their cake stands.


You can think ahead about the flavors. Bakers might allow you to pick the flavors that you like for your consultation. Some bakers may only offer the most popular flavors, while others might charge extra for more obscure flavors. Some bakers charge for tasting cakes, while others provide this free of charge. You don’t have to stick with the traditional white vanilla flavor for your wedding. You can choose multiple flavors from many bakers, so you can mix and match. Have fun! Remember, a cake should taste as good as its appearance!

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