The most popular styles of “curved wedding band”

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The Victorian era saw the first popularity for curved wedding band. They made a comeback during the Art Deco Period. They are becoming more popular and often chosen by modern brides. Designers all over the globe are creating a variety of stunning, unique styles of curved wedding rings.

Here are the top curved wedding band that you can choose from if you are looking for something unique to match your engagement ring.

Curved Wedding Band Soft Curve Finish 

Soft-curve bands appear similar to straight wedding rings at first glance. The notch or dip in the soft-curve band is minimal and will be noticeable only up close. You can make your engagement ring as simple or complex as you like. It is perfect for small- to medium-sized gemstones.

A soft curved band is a great choice if you are looking for a cohesive ring that still looks polished and elegant, but you don’t want it to look too much like a traditional straight ring.

Sharp V-Cut

Curved rings are not like the soft curves. They have a sharp, v-cut and a noticeable notch. These rings are perfect for brides with large gemstones or diamonds in their engagement rings. This is because the sharp dip will perfectly nestle your gemstone on your engagement rings, so there won’t be gaps when you wear them together.

Irregular Curve

An irregular shape is a ring that isn’t perfectly round or has a precious stone not in the middle. You can choose a band with an uneven curve. There are many pre-designed, irregularly curved rings that can be made to fit your finger.

What Engagement Rings Are Best suited for Curved Wedding Bands

As we mentioned, curved wedding rings are a great companion to your engagement ring.

They are perfect for halo-style engagement rings. They can also be worn with any other type ring with a large enough stone to create a gap, such as this large solitaire ring set with an elongated tiara-styled wedding band.

A curved wedding band might look less elegant if it is paired with plain rings or rings with embedded gems. It would be a waste of time to get a curved wedding ring.

The pros and cons of choosing a curved wedding ring

You might consider the pros and cons of a curved wedding band if you are still having difficulty deciding whether you want one for your big day. Let’s look at the benefits of a curved ring for your wedding.

  • When paired with an engagement ring, it creates a strong look. It can be difficult to find a straight, elegant wedding ring that fits perfectly with the contours of your engagement rings. Wearing your precious rings together can result in a messy look. This problem can be solved by a curved wedding band. It will give your ring finger an elegant look.
  • There are many designs you can choose from. The uniqueness of curved wedding rings is what makes them so special. You can be sure that your curved wedding ring will not be copied by any other brides.

Cons of choosing a curved wedding ring

However, a curved wedding band has its drawbacks.

  • It is a commitment that you will always wear two rings. If a curved wedding band is not accompanied by an engagement ring, it can raise many questions. You might feel the need to wear both rings at all times, especially if you work with your hands.
  • Curved rings can be more difficult to repair and resize. Straight rings and plain rings are easy to repair and resize. However, curved rings can be more difficult. These rings can be quite costly to alter, if at any time.

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