Celtic Wedding: Traditions to Celebrate Irish Heritage

It is a day to remember. It is likely that you have been planning it all your life. Every person comes from different backgrounds so you might want to include some traditions into your ceremony. This post is for Irish people. These five celtic wedding traditions will help you celebrate your Irish heritage on the special day.

celtic wedding Handfasting

This tradition dates back to ancient times when druid priests performed the wedding ceremony. This symbolic ritual helps to signify the unity of both partners. As their hands are tied together, both partners face one another.

This is a wonderful idea to include in your wedding ring ceremony, and in any Celtic knot decorations that you use throughout the reception. This ritual can be used to signify your love and commitment.

A blue wedding dress

Most people assume that wedding dresses should be white. This is not always in keeping with Celtic tradition. Blue wedding dresses are often worn to symbolize purity and femininity. This dress allows a bride to show her loyalty to her groom by being worn at her wedding.

Remember the celtic wedding Cross Rings

A Claddagh is another option. This is a wedding ring for men or women that has a Celtic cross r and a pagan symbol. It is meant to symbolize the sun. This pagan symbol will be combined with the crucifix Christ on the Celtic Cross. It’s still a common fixture at Irish weddings to this day.

Get Irish Blessings

It’s no secret that the Irish are rich in tradition. This culture has been developed over many centuries. The Irish blessing is a tradition that has been handed down from generation to generation. There are many, and most of them are applicable to celtic wedding. If you are a Celtic bride, you will want your officiant to be able to speak some of these words.

Take into account the Date

In Irish tradition, there are some dates that are important. This will help you to plan your wedding date. Talk to your elders about the best days to have a Celtic-themed wedding. The number 1 in Celtic numerology symbolizes the unity and harmony of all things. This symbol is the sun. As you begin your new relationship, it could be a sign of good luck to get married on the first.

These are just five examples of celtic wedding traditions you can include in your wedding ceremony to reflect your Irish heritage. It is important that you are proud of your heritage and who you are. This is perhaps the best occasion to do so than your wedding day.