Playboi Carti is the fashion rapper heartthrob

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Playboi Carti arrives late for his shoot at the Harlem apartment complex on 139th Street. The 21-year old rapper is greeted by a group of publicists, while Grailed employees arrange piles of clothing for him to choose from. Grailed is a site playboi carti loves. It’s like a virtual candy shop for people who love Balmain and Raf Simons. He later told me that he was a thrift store child. These clothes are not your average thrift store find. A stylist draped a $20,000 fur jacket and other high-end goods above the couch. He finally arrives and makes his long-awaited entrance wearing a pair of new sneakers. He is a rager. He is a handsome, lanky heartthrob who wears his slim jeans with serious swagger. He says, “I don’t like baggy clothes.” “I am a thin dude so [skinny jeans] look more flattering on me.”

Playboi carti

Playboi carti made his debut in 2015 with “Broke Boi”, a catchy song about a tricked out Jesus piece that poked fun at squares “in a mall buying ice.” His self-titled mixtape was released just a few days ago. It features singles such as “Wokeuplikethis*”, “Magnolia” and more. It reached number four on iTunes’ album charts. His fashion resume is impressive as well. He performed at VFiles this season with rapper Lil Uzi Vert and was a guest in one of Drake’s OVO lookbooks. He attended New York Fashion Week: Men’s and accompanied A$AP Rocky to Raf Simons’s first New York show. It was like being at a fashion show for the first time. He says that the one he attended was “the real deal” and it felt incredible. “I met Raf and got the butterflies.”

After his fashion success, wardrobe has changed to “Broke Boi”, which now includes Balmain, but he still maintains a down-to-earth, jeans and T-shirt style. He was raised in Atlanta as Jordan Carter and had a unique attitude about clothes. He says that he was the first person to wear colored skinny jeans, and that he was ridiculed for it at first. “But then everybody was on it. This is what happens.” His sartorial education comes mainly from other rappers. He says, “I watched artists such as Kanye West and [A$AP] Rocky. It was shit.” “Where I’m from, people love designer brands but not the cool ones. I was not that type. I used to drive a long distance to get Thrasher and Spitfire tees, Fucking Awesome hoodies, and other crap.

Carti is charming and candid. He’s a passionate vintage fan despite making some big-ticket purchases, such as a Rick Owens jacket that cost $7,000 He says, “When I see cool [vintage] shirt, I make sure that I listen to their music before I put them on.” What is he wearing today? He’s not wearing a $20,000 fur coat. He opted for a black Undercoverx Comme des Garcons sweater, fringed leather jacket, and a colored Supreme cardigan, Supreme shirt, and Balmain jeans. The look is casual but professional. This is a look that suits playboi carti perfectly. He doesn’t need any extra to shine.

The Best Outfits

We all wait patiently for Playboi Carti to release Whole Lotta Red. This gives us plenty of time to discuss Carti’s style throughout the years. While ASAP Rocky is often praised for his looks, Carti’s fashion has been overlooked. He’s one of the crew members with the most fashionable clothes. His wardrobe contains red leggings pieces that would be cosigned by cringey hypebeasts as well as archival designer snobs.

Carti was photographed in everything, from T-shirts with the Supreme logo to the highly sought-after Undercover denim grails. When Carti released songs such as “No. It was clear that Carti is the kind of rapper who would rather spend his money on archival Grailed pieces than on a pair of high-end sneakers on StockX. Carti’s style has changed and evolved over time. When he started rapping at the age of 16, he looked more like Tyler, The Creator wannabe. He called himself $ir Cartier back then. He gravitated to rare Supreme pieces when he first released songs like “Broke Boi” but oasis dating site also started walking in the fringes of cult Japanese fashion. Today, Carti can be seen wearing Rick Owens from head to toe and walking the Louis Vuitton runways.


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