Best Techniques for “Skating Photography”

Skating photography is for you! Learn how to be a great skateboard photographer by reading on.

1. Find the Right Angle Skating Photography for Dynamic Photos

Skating photography is all about finding the perfect angles. Don’t believe in a one-size-fits all approach to skating photography. Every trick and every park on skateboard looks great from a different angle.

Photograph skateboarders from below. Skating photography is best done at low angles. It adds excitement to the image and raises the height.

Try shooting from the top. You can also photograph from the corners or on benches. It is always a good idea for the photographer to capture the front-facing side the skater.

Take a few shots of the skaters performing the trick, and then take some test shots. You will be able to see which angle is best for certain tricks.

Avoid using the traditional perspective. Skaters move fast and do crazy tricks. The same impression should be conveyed by your photos of skateboarding.

2. Sharp skating Photography Can be Created using Manual Focus

When you are photographing skaters, it is not uncommon for autofocus to fail. Manual focus is a better option. You can use this to determine where your subject will appear in the frame.

Pick an object near the location where you expect your skater subject to arrive. Focus on the object before the skater arrives.

It takes some practice to master this skill, so don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t work out right away.

3. To Capture Motion, use Shutter Speed Priority Mode

skating photography, like all action shots, require fast shutter speeds. You can freeze the action of skaters and capture the perfect moment.

You can shoot in Shutter Speed Priority so that you don’t need to worry about aperture. The shutter speed will determine how your camera adjusts.

Sometimes you may want to capture motion blur. You will need to slow down the shutter speed for this. Try different settings to see which one you like best.

4. Learn about the Skaters and get to know them.

One of the most important tasks of a skateboard photographer is to get to know the skaters. Introduce yourself to the skaters and ask if they are okay with you photographing them while they skate.

The camera can cause some people to feel upset. Your presence shouldn’t cause anyone to be injured. Ask skaters about their tricks and where they are headed.

Skateboarding photography gives you the opportunity to communicate with your subjects. Talk to your subjects about the angle you will shoot from so they don’t get in your way.

Get to know the people in the skate park. You can take more photos and tell visual stories by getting to know the skate park community.

You should be a member of the skateboard community if you want to take serious pictures. You could get photography gigs at local skateboard practices or competitions.