Tips for the perfect wedding invitations

Your Custom Wedding Invitation is a reflection of your dream day and the first glimpse that your guests will get into it. They are a way to announce one of the most important events in your life. You want your invitation to make a great first impression. We have compiled a list with tips to help you choose the right wedding invitations.


The invitations are the first point of contact you have with your guests. They also serve as the basis for your wedding theme. Your guests will get an idea of the style of your wedding from your invitations. You can choose paper and colors that reflect your style, and carry it throughout your wedding.

Selection of paper

You have a wide range of paper options to choose from when designing your wedding invitations. The most common paper types are heavy card stock and vellum. Because it can withstand mail delivery and is durable, heavy card stock is the most popular paper. You can also find it in great colors, such as cream or white for weddings. Vellum can be used to cover thicker papers because it is transparent. You can print directly on it. Although cotton is more expensive, it can be printed directly on.

Simple is the best

Your invitation will be easier to read and more appealing to the eye if it has fewer lines. The invitation should only contain the most essential information. Additional card enclosures and a website can be used to provide additional details. You should include the following information on the invitation: who will be hosting the wedding, couple names, date, time, ceremony venue, and the reception location.

Envelope etiquette

Handwriting the addresses and names of your guests on the envelope is a traditional way to add personal touches. A calligrapher can address your envelopes to make a lasting impression. Digital calligraphy is also an affordable option and is more reliable than handwriting. When addressing invitations, use the full names of your guests and not their nicknames.

Invitation suite

You can also include directions, a RSVP card and a card with your choice of menu. These elements should all match your theme. To save money and keep your theme in mind, you will want to order your place cards, programs and thank you notes simultaneously. If you have to send another invitation, it is a good idea to order extras to save money and keep a record for your wedding album.