Beach Wedding Strain

Beach Wedding Strain is a balanced, 50/50 Indica sativa hybrid that has a minimum of 16% THC. However, some versions can contain up to 22% to 28% THC making it quite potent.

Oni Seeds Co. created Beach Wedding Flower in the first place by crossing Tropicana Cookies with Wedding Cake. Seed Junky has been synonymous with the strain ever since.

Beach Wedding Strain Information

Tropicana Cookies, a dominant sativa strain, has 16% THC. It is known for its sweet flavors and cerebral high. Wedding Cake is an indica dominant cross with 22% THC. It is sought-after for its sweet taste, relaxing full-body stone, and sweet aroma.

Combining these two strains produced an offspring that combines the best of both.

Beach Wedding has been praised by users for its ability to please both the sativa crowd and the indica crowd. This is not an easy feat.

Beach Wedding Strain is both therapeutic and potent due to its strong terpene profile (myrcene limonene and caryophyllene).

These terpenes have been known to relieve discomforts and give Beach Wedding the many benefits that consumers have come to expect. These terpenes are also responsible for the delicious flavor that makes Beach wedding day a great strain to use in edibles, smoking, or dabbing.

  • Effects

What are the effects of Beach Wedding Strain Indica or sativa? It all depends on your individual needs. The high can be used in smaller amounts to increase energy. With a small physical stone, you’ll feel mentally lifted.

Emotions of euphoria and creativity can be awaited, as well as a feeling of calmness and tingling throughout the body.

You feel blissful and functional while on the high. You may find yourself more open-minded, positive, and happy than you used to be.

It is great for relieving symptoms of anxiety, depression, chronic stress, and other mood disorders. It soothes pain and tension and relieves headaches, nausea and tension.

  • Fragrance

It’s easy to see why the name Beach Wedding is so catchy. This one smells like a small, intimate wedding on a tropical island.

The mojito in your hands is complemented by the fresh minty scents of citrus and blackberry that linger in the air.

You will see a table decorated with wine, cheese, and floral centerpieces. This combination of aromas is both unique and familiar.

  • Flavors

It’s a combination of all the flavors that you would find at a wedding: from the sweet and tart fruit punch to the richness of a decadent wedding cake.

There will be notes of flowers, herbs, and spices to balance the sweetness of fruit and cookie dough.

The taste of tropical fruits becomes more apparent when you inhale. This is reflected by the flavors of raspberry and berry with cherry undertones.

Negative Reactions to Beach

  • Beach Wedding will make you feel like you have just been saved after days on an island in the middle of nowhere.
  • Although this is a good thing, it can lead to a feeling of exhaustion, especially if your goal is to stimulate your appetite.
  • You can enjoy the opportunity to indulge in gluttony but you should be careful.

Also, you’re likely to feel extreme thirst, dry eyes, and cottonmouth. Make sure you have plenty of water and a bottle eye drops.

Moderation is your best friend. This strain is quick-acting and lasts for a long time. You should be careful with your intake, especially if there are other things you want to do. You can become couch-locked or completely knocked out if you consume too much indica.

Also, you could experience headaches or dizziness. In addition to anxiety and paranoia, larger amounts of THC can cause concern in novice smokers as well as those who have a lower tolerance.

Beach wedding trends is relatively easy to grow indoors or outdoors. It takes slightly longer to reach maturity than other strains. The average flowering time is 8-10 weeks, and the harvest time is 8-9 weeks. It is worth waiting as the yields are well worth it.

This powerful strain is extremely resinous and has earned a reputation among growers for its incredible production of resin and flowers.

The leaves of beach wedding plants are large and fan-shaped, with dense, pointed buds. The buds have a rich color palette of forest green and deep purple, with an explosion of burnt orange pistils.

These nugs are covered in a thick layer sticky, frosted THC-rich trichomes. Beach Wedding Strain Defoliation is required due to the nature and quality of the leaves.

  • Flowering

This low-maintenance plant produces high yields and resinous buds. These impressive results can be achieved even by novice growers.

  • Indoor

Flowering can take around 10 weeks if grown indoors. The yields are approximately 1-2 Oz/Ft2.

  • Outdoor

Mid-October is the end of flowering. The average outdoor yield is 1-2 Oz/Plant.

  • Origin

Tropicana Cookies and Wedding Ceremony Cake