A “Garden Wedding” is a Benefit

Do you want more flexibility in your wedding space, the opportunity to do all you like with decor, and the possibility to save money? A garden wedding could be the answer to all your needs. There are many benefits to a garden wedding, particularly one that is held on the beautiful grounds of Nanina’s in the Park. A beautiful outdoor space such as ours could be the perfect solution for your wedding plans.

For a garden wedding, expand your guest list

Outdoor spaces offer more flexibility to accommodate your guests. You can easily accommodate more guests than you anticipated. With the open sky overhead, it won’t feel crowded.

Save on Garden Wedding Decor and Flowers

It makes financial sense to hold your wedding ceremony outside in a natural setting. You won’t have to spend as much on greenery, flowers, or decor with beautiful foliage and flowers all around. This is a great way to reduce your floral budget.

Make your wedding in a lush garden setting

A garden wedding can be just as beautiful if you are creating a lavish wedding experience. You already have a lot of beauty in the outdoor setting, so it’s much easier to make extravagant arrangements with beautiful floral arches, large centrepieces, and overflowing bouquets to create the romantic luxury that you desire.

Find the Perfect Photo Opportunity Garden Wedding 

Garden weddings often offer beautiful photo opportunities. Natural light, shade and the fresh green of trees or grass can all make for stunning photos. Many gardens also include water elements or special features like this bridge at Nanina’s Gardens in the Park.

Reception and Ceremony at the same venue

There is no need to make arrangements for people to move from the ceremony location to another venue. An outdoor venue like a garden can be used for the wedding ceremony and reception. The guests will have to walk a little bit to get to the ceremony depending on how they choose to use the grounds. However, it will be an enjoyable experience as they can see the beautiful setting and take their own photos.

Make it a memorable getaway

Your venue’s beautiful gardens and setting are the perfect backdrop for your getaway to start a new life. For a romantic atmosphere, add twinkle lights and lanterns to the walkway. Or have your guests bring sparklers to illuminate your way to the car. For a garden-themed ceremony, you can also use colorful streamers and bubbles as accents.

Weather can be a concern, but Nanina’s Park can help you plan a Plan B for rain. Nanina’s Park can help you plan your garden wedding.