Celtic Wedding Dress

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The dramatic design and rich fabric of Celtic wedding dress is what makes them so special. They are also known as traditional Irish wedding dresses. This allows you to express your love for Renaissance style and dress. Due to their Renaissance-inspired charisma, Celtic wedding dress are not only traditional, but also fashionable. These dresses can be worn by bridesmaids and other women who are part of the wedding party.

Centering around the Bride

Celtic wedding dresses are often designed keeping in mind the body shape of the bride. The bride should choose the look she desires for her wedding. There are many options for Irish brides when it comes to color, fabric, and style. You have the option to choose from rich colors like deep red, green, and even black when you get a Celtic wedding gown prepared. This is in addition to the classic white wedding dress.

Celtic Wedding Dress Styles

You can wear Celtic wedding dresses in both formal and informal styles. There are many styles to choose from, including an overdress that can be worn over a simple bodice or dress, or an elegant one-piece style. Irish gowns often have lots of flowing fabric that dangles from the sleeves. You can choose from silk, velvet, cotton, or lace. You can choose to have your gowns elaborately decorated or sleek and simple. These outfits can be matched with jackets, shawls and other accessories. In other words, Celtic wedding gowns are perfect for a romantic day.

Buy The Celtic Wedding Dress

Online shopping is the best place to find a Celtic wedding gown. Online shopping stores offer a variety of choices and lower prices. Instead of choosing the right size and having it altered, you can check out custom-made sites that will make the dress to fit the bride’s measurements. You can also order the dress from a local tailor. There are many stores that sell Celtic wedding dresses. No matter which option you choose to go with, be sure to shop around for the best prices and styles so that you can find the right one.

Some Traditions

Some traditions are associated with Celtic wedding gowns. You can also include these traditions in your own wedding if you wish.

  • According to some, a bride who finishes the last stitch on her wedding dress on the morning of the big day will have a lot luck.
  • It is considered a sign that the bride will have good fortune if she tears her gown ‘accidentally’ during the wedding ceremony.
  • It is considered unprofessional for the bride to wear the veil on her wedding day. Instead, she should ask a happily married woman to put it on.

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