Wooden Wedding Arch: Designs to Make Your Own

Wooden Wedding Arch

The ceremony setting is a key component of your wedding planning. It’s where you will say your vows, make a promise, and then say “I do.” A stunning backdrop is great, but a wooden wedding arch  can be a wonderful way to add a focal point to the wedding. Twisted Willow Flowers’ Amanda Theodoropoulos says that wooden arches work well in settings without elaborate floral arrangements. They are also beautiful in natural settings that compliment the outdoor aesthetic.

How about dressing up a wooden arch for a wedding? There are so many options! West says that arches can be dressed up or down, and still add so much to your wedding. A chiffon drape with floral accents can add romance to your overall design. A lush greenery accent would look great in a natural setting such as a vineyard or amongst redwoods. A plethora vibrant flowers is a great accent if you love color and flowers.” According to Theodoropoulos painting or staining wood to match your color scheme can also be a great option to enhance your wedding aesthetic.

Birch can be adorned with flowers

You think a wooden arch for a wedding is too rustic to be used at a beachside ceremony. You might be wrong. The look is lightened by birch, which makes it an ideal match for white hydrangeas and peonies.

Elevate a Simple Style

A simple is made by arranging two planks in a crisscrossed design of wood. The beauty of this simplicity is that it can be decorated. This display, which includes beautiful bouquets of flowers and pops of gold hues, is perfect for outdoor events.

Get it dressed up with Dream Catchers

The ceremony backdrop is stunning and beautiful, but it’s the personal touches that make it stand out. The real couple decorated their wedding arch using dream catchers that they could later keep as souvenirs of the day.

Wooden Wedding Arch Keep It Rustic

Do you want to embrace rustic style? Natural wood is the best choice. The custom-made altar was built by the groom’s father from fallen oak branches. For a bohemian feel, the couple decorated the structure using eucalyptus flowers and garden roses.

Bold Blooms and Greenery

This wooden wedding arch structure is beautiful. We love its natural, live-edged design. It has so many unique characteristics that it could stand alone. It’s elevated to a new level when it’s adorned with lush greenery or bold blooms.

Display a Unique Design

You want something different? You can choose a square handcrafted design but flip it upside down. This rustic-meets modern display is unique thanks to its two-toned design and beautiful blooms.

Wooden Wedding Arch Keep it simple

Many couples believe that the design and shape of a wooden arch for their wedding is all about energy. This is exactly what the couple did during their round ceremony. While the guests sat in a circle while the couple made their vows under a wooden pyramid, they were joined by their friends.