Ultimate Guide to a “Fantasy Wedding”

A little magic is a great thing, especially for weddings. Fantasy Wedding is gaining popularity in all areas of life, including books, films, and weddings. For those who love a touch of magic or elvish lore, unique wedding vows, tiaras decorated with flowers and alternative gowns are all options. How can you create a fairytale-themed wedding that will last a lifetime? This ultimate guide will help you!

Step 1: Start your research.

If you are inspired by fantasy series like Game of Thrones, it’s not worth having a “Red Wedding” theme for your fantasy-themed wedding. Warning: This theme will not send the right message. You don’t have to be a specialist in fantasy Wedding or a novice to the worlds of geek, alternative, and magical. Just know where the inspiration came from and what it is about.

This is the perfect excuse for you to watch your favorite fantasy movies or TV series while doing research. Look closely at the clothes worn by these characters. What is the length of the sleeves on the dresses? What are their favourite colours? What accessories do they own? Consider how they store their belongings. It doesn’t make sense to have a beautiful outfit for the ring bearer, but for the ring bearer not to have any pockets or satchel.

Step 2: Fantasy Wedding Make a budget

You don’t need to be boring when you are realistic. Knowing what you can afford and not being able to spend it will allow you to make smart decisions and save money. A realistic budget will allow you to cover all costs, including the venue, the invitations, and the dress and suit.

Step 3: Fantasy Wedding Choose your theme

This is where all your hard work will pay off. Describe the theme of your wedding and invite your friends and family. Do you want your wedding to be inspired by Tolkein’s Middle Earth or are you going to make it your own? Maybe you’re inspired by JK Rowling’s magical ideas. It may take some time for family members to adjust to the fact that the theme is fantasy-inspired. It may take them some time to get used to the idea and create their own costumes. It is important to give everyone plenty of notice for alternative Fantasy Weddings.

Step 4: Select your venue

Next, it’s all about location, place, location. You can now determine the best venue for your chosen theme. A church or cathedral may not be appropriate for a pirate theme, but it could be perfect for a dark fantasy Wedding theme that has gothic influences, or a wedding with elves and light, splendid white gowns. Make sure you visit as many locations as possible in person. Also, think about how you can add props and decorations to transform them into a fantasy setting.