How to Attract a “Goth Girl”

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A growing trend is to search for a goth girl friend. It can be hard for people outside of the subculture to get to grips with. You may not know what to do or say if you are attracted to beautiful goth girls. Goths are not any different than anyone else. You might be able to attract your goth girl by learning about the gothic subculture, and how to communicate that to her.

1. Learn what it means for a Goth Girl to be

Understanding the culture will allow you to respect twilight wedding her beliefs. You will be able to understand her beliefs better and connect with her. While the definition of what it means to be gothic may vary from one group to another and even from region to region, there are three main components to goth culture: the music, the personality and the social scene.

The gothic social scene is a place for like-minded people, in this instance goths to meet and share ideas. These places could include clothing shops, thrift stores and clubs.

A strong sense of individualism, a deep appreciation for the dark side of things, supernatural beauty, dark aesthetics and emotion, and a strong sense to the mystery and drama are hallmarks of the gothic personality.

Gothic music is an important part of goth girl culture. Music is the center of society. Gothic music has a surreal or eerie tone. Gothic bands tend to use lyrics that emphasize gothic themes such as the grotesque or the mysterious. They may also depict gothic styles like mostly wearing black clothing.

2. Identify Common Goth Girl Features

There is no set of rules that says you must wear certain clothing, dress in a certain manner, or listen to certain bands to be considered a goth. Your gothic lady friend may not have all the same goth characteristics. You can learn common goth traits and be able to compliment the parts of her personality and appearance that she has worked so hard to develop. She might appreciate your compliments.

Style. Style can include the type of clothing, cut, and color she’s wearing. Complementary accessories, particularly those that are noticeable, should also be taken into consideration. Be sure to compliment unique clothing items such as fishnets and capes, studded/spiked clothes, ankhs and chokers.

Makeup. Goth girls love the contrast between black and white so they will often use light-colored makeup with darker dan le batard wedding accents on their lips and eyes. Complement her special touches and ask her how she did it.

Music involvement. You could have a conversation about live music with her or her favorite bands. You might also ask her about the best features of her favorite goth bands.


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