What is the cost of “Costco wedding invitations”?

Hollensteiner estimates that the cost of an average set of 100 Costco Wedding Invitations will be between $5,000 and $8,000, but this is just an average. Costco Wedding Invitation should be budgeted at four to six per cent. Armstrong says that the most important factor in the cost of wedding invitations is how the invitations are printed. Armstrong says that while there will be slight variations in paper, it won’t make much difference when you are talking about 100 to 200 invites.

Printing Costco Wedding Invitations

These are the four printing methods for Costco Wedding Invitations and their impact on the price.

Digital Printing

Armstrong says digital printing is the most cost-friendly. This involves setting up a file on your computer and printing. It’s an excellent choice for printing invitations in multiple colors, as everything can be done digitally. A set of 100 invitations with all four cards digitally printed will cost you between $700 and $1,200.

Offset Printing and Thermography

Armstrong explains that offset (or flat) printing is similar to digital printing. However, the inks are mixed before the design is transferred through a press to your invitation. You can be more precise with the color and get a better quality print. Thermography works in the same way as flat printing, but the ink is mixed with powder to give the paper a raised texture. Armstrong says that a suite of 100 invitations made using thermography or offset printing usually costs $1,200.

Letterpress Printing

Armstrong advises that 100 letter-pressed invitation suites will cost you approximately $1,600. She explains that the higher price is due to the cost of materials and manual labor required to make custom presses for each design or color. Each additional color will cost 25 percent more than the base price.

Additions to Costco Wedding Invitations

Accents are an additional cost that is added to the cost of Costco wedding invitations. These are the most popular wedding invitation add-ons, and their prices.

Foil Stamping Costco Wedding Invitations

Costco Wedding Invitations often come with foil accents. The foil accents can be used to stamp the names of the couple in different colors, such as copper, gold or rose-gold. Armstrong says that foil stamping is usually used as an embellishment. Armstrong says that a couple may want their names printed in gold foil. Couples have started to request foil stamp sets. This is a growing trend. It is quite expensive to make a complete set because you will need to create a plate. A full foil stamp for 100 invitations will cost $1,800. For 100, expect to pay an additional $1,800. For 100 invitations, you can choose to only do gold foil accents. They would cost closer to $400.

Blind Debossing & Embossing

Blind debossing is done the same way as letterpress, but without ink. Blind debossing creates a depression on the paper. With embossing, you can create raised text. Many small accents such as monograms, family crests or other small ones are embossed or debossed. These accents can be purchased for $300-$400 per 100 Costco wedding invitations.


You can paint the edge of your invitation onto thick paper. Hollensteiner says that guests will notice the subtle details when they pull the invitation out of the envelope. Costco wedding invitations include an envelope with edging for $150.