What are “Wedding Bubbles”?

When guests arrive at the ceremony, they are given wedding bubbles. After the couple has been married, guests can then blow bubbles at them. This is an alternative to throwing rice or birdseed. Because it is more fun for children, many people choose to use wedding bubbles at their wedding. People sometimes worry that birdseed or rice on the ground can be slippery, which could lead to falls. However, bubbles are not as dangerous and you don’t have to clean it up afterwards.

Wedding Bubbles Affordable 

Wedding bubbles are very affordable and can be bought in bulk at craft stores or online wedding sites. The bubble wands come in individual, small bottles that have a cap that can be easily removed. You may be able to order customized bubbles with a printed label attached around the bottle. Brides and grooms can personalize the bottles themselves by wrapping a ribbon around it to match their wedding colors and possibly attaching a label or other decoration.

A couple may choose to have a child pass out the bubbles at the ceremony. This is a great way for children to be involved in the wedding, without having to take part in the ceremony. This is a good option if the couple has already chosen a flower girl/ring bearer or if they don’t want to add stress to the ceremony by having younger children present. This type of task is generally welcomed by children and they will enjoy it.


Some people save money by using wedding bubbles for favors. It might be a good idea to place the bubbles at each place setting as guests eat at the reception. They can still be used after the ceremony but can be used afterwards.

You can also give them as favors at bachelorette parties. Many bachelorette parties have fun gift bags that the women host. You can include bubbles in the gift packs. There are many options for bags such as tote bags that can be customized to make nice gift packs.