These Tips Make It So Much Easier to Manage Wedding RSVPs

“RSVP” is an abbreviated way to ask guests if they are coming to your wedding RSVP. Mail each invitation with an RSVP card. Then, wait for the guests to respond. It’s quite exciting! It’s not as exciting though to manage all those responses. We’ve got some tips to make managing RSVPs much easier.

Make sure you are clear in your request

To be checked off, there should be a blank space on the response card. This should include the guest’s name and “Will attend”/”Will not attend”. Next, write “Please respond by [date]. You can also include a pre-stamped, self-addressed envelope to ensure that they return the card immediately.

Set a realistic deadline.

Ask potential guests to reply within three to four week. People may delay RSVPing and then forget. You have plenty of time to reach out to those who did not respond. Even if your reception is informal, your caterer will need information about how many people to serve. Once all RSVPs have been received, send the final guest list to the caterer approximately one to two weeks prior to your wedding.

Keep track of all replies.

Spreadsheets are the best way to track responses. You can create your own spreadsheet and include columns for each guest’s name, card number (see “Number of cards”), number of guests who will be attending, declined, as well as any song or entree preferences. To keep track, you can also use one the many online RSVP spreadsheets.

Do business with non-responders

There will always be people who don’t reply to invitations. Whatever the reason-forgetfulness, laziness, rudeness-you’ll have to get in touch with them once the original deadline has past. Do not wait to text or call them.

Number the cards.

This happens more often than you might think. A guest returns a card and leaves their name in the empty space. Or their handwriting is not legible. This clever trick will save you from becoming an amateur sleuth: Before sending out invitations, assign each guest one number and then discreetly write that number on their response card. Some brides prefer to write the number in invisibility ink.